• Posted on: Thu, 07/03/2003 - 17:00
  • By: anon
This is an orange horse vest for hunting season-it looks like the front half of her winter blanket. I use it on my cream colored quarterhorse cross mare -its fits well and I can see her a LONG way off in the pasture. She has not ripped it or gotten it off in the two years I have used it, and I highly recommend it. This is NOT the cheapie blanket I bought from Stateline that she destroyed (two of their blankets in one month) almost as soon as I put it on. Highly recommend!!!
hunting season
Duration Used: 
2 years/hunting seasons
Size of Item: 
bright orange
Frequency Used: 
September to December
some kind of mesh fabric
Size & Breed/Type of Horse Used on: 
quarterhorse/draft cross
Place Purchased: 
tack shop
Price Paid: 
Build of Horse: 
large -chunky-(fat!)