Rambo Medium Weight Turnout

  • Posted on: Fri, 01/24/2003 - 16:00
  • By: anon
This blanket came with my gelding when I bought him, but I've had him [and the blanket] now for the past six years. It has never ripped [knock on wood!] despite his being turned out daily on 43 acres of pasture [that includes hills, wood, barbed wire fencing, and pesky three year olds]. It keeps him sufficiently warm at night -- have never had a problem with him "shivering" and just add an extra layer of a turnout sheet when he is clipped. When done up correctly, does not slip or come off by itself. I love this blanket :)
Stall, Cold Weather Turnout
Duration Used: 
6+ years
Size of Item: 
Green with Red Trim
Frequency Used: 
Daily during cold months
Ripstop Nylon?
Size & Breed/Type of Horse Used on: 
16 hand Appendix gelding
Place Purchased: 
Came with horse
Price Paid: