Ariat Champion Field Boots

  • Posted on: Thu, 06/06/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
Defintely not worth the high price tag!!! Beautiful right out of the box, but once I used them VERY LIGHTLY (mostly just for shows, cleaned and stored in a boot bag in the house otherwise) for a little over a year, they started looking like crap! It seems that the leather is TOO soft, allowing the boots to break down too much. They began to wrinkle in all the wrong places. I know fellow competitors who have had the same problem, and some have had problems with the leather "bubbling"...kind of seperating. They were a pain to break-in, too. To make a long story short, they are not durable. I sold mine and bought a pair of nicer mid-priced boots which have been a million times more durable under the same amount of use and conditions. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ARIAT TALL BOOTS!!!!~nl~~nl~I have noticed that the editors of this page have written several paragraphs warning people about the difference in the Ariat riding boots and the leisure-type boot not made for riding. I can tell you for a fact that my boots were the $439 Ariat Champion Field Boots definitely intended for riding, and they certainly didn't make the grade. The editors warn of buying lower priced Ariats on ebay, etc...I sold mine dirt cheap on ebay just to get rid of them, and they were the real thing, for sure! I think a lot of dealers are discounting the tall boots because they are learning of the problems with them...I notice the prices of Ariat tall RIDING boots going way down. I ran a tack shop for many years, so I can easily identify Ariat's RIDING boots, and I have known MANY people who have been displeased with them.~nl~~nl~My only problem with Ariat has to do with their tall boots. I must say, that I have had a couple of pair of paddock boots that I have been very happy with. I currently own a pair of Ariat Scouts that have been great all-weather boots.~nl~~nl~Bottom line....don't spend a wad of $$ on Ariat tall boots, they are not worth it.
Duration Used: 
1 year
Place Purchased: 
tack store
Price Paid: