ISO English Bit Box Expansion!

I'm looking for some different bits. -I would like to see any bits with a lozenge (double jointed with an oval), like a KK bit or an elliptical. -I'd love to see some Neue Schule action! -Herm Sprenger bits as well. -I am also looking for a new XC bit. Ideally, I'd LOVE to find a sweet iron beval/wilkie bit with a lozenge. Bombers makes one but it is special order. -Speeking of sweet iron, show me all of your blue sweet iron bits. I'm talking Trust, Bombers, Fager, Shires, or something you found off of ebay. -I'm also interested in bits similar to the Bombers happy tongue and NS Verbindend. I am NOT interested in any universals, pessoa gags, twisted bits, or hack-a-bits. Please send me info and pictures to my email:

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