The Railway Children Chronicles (Orphan eBook)

The Railway Children Chronicles © 2018 by Raymond Cook, is a 244-page western frontier story about a number of children who became orphans under different circumstances, and try to survive in 1880, in an unruly silver mining town called Silver Plume, in Colorado. Throughout history, wars, poverty, or famine caused millions of children to become orphans. Readers won’t find this a sugar-coated orphan story portraying their day to day struggles to survive easy. It was a town filled with immigrants from many countries. With the discovery of silver, the small town grew to over 2,000 people. Businesses like saloons and brothels flourished, as did crimes of all kinds. The town was boxed in on two sides by tall mountains. Food, water, shelter, and a safe place to sleep, we all take for granted. But back in Silver Plume, Colorado in 1880, nothing was taken for granted. The eerie sounds of someone playing the violin high up on a mountain, will cast a shadow of nervousness over the children, as they wonder who is playing the violin and why. The yardmaster at the freight yard shows several children a large workshop no longer being used with a stove in it. He and the men working for him buy blankets, and mattresses for them. Soon, more and more orphans take refuge there. The question is, who will step up and save the orphans? This eBook is filled with emotion, and struggles orphans faced to survive. Through my imagination and words, I strive to write a real-life, action-packed novel, that will bring to life, the children who faced challenges few of us have ever had to overcome. It has history, hardships, action, and twists and turns in it. This is my 31st of 31 western frontier eBooks I have written since 2011. Amazon allows you to download this eBook onto your PC now. To check out my 244-page Western Frontier eBook, Visit Amazon:
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