Essex braided bridle

  • Posted on: Sat, 10/19/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
Here's another example of good quality bridlework for under $75. The majority of reviews are for the high-dollar stuff, but how many of us can afford those? Essex bridles are considered 'economy' grade and cost between $40-60. Even so, I've had this Essex bridle for almost 4 yrs and it's holding up extremely well; laces still intact, no breaks or splits in the leather, etc. The quality is not as nice as the Crown brand which run about $70-90 and the reins ARE getting a bit floppy now. But heck... if you can get a perfectly nice, serviceable bridle for $50 that lasts several years, it's well worth that small price IMHO.
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State Line Tack
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