Stubben Colombo Dressage

  • Posted on: Fri, 12/20/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
This is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in, and my horse thinks so, too! I have used it on my smallish but muscular 15.2 TB for about three months now, and he appears to move forward very freely in it--even when I was riding him in it without a saddle pad to help shape the wool panels during the first week. Being only 5'4" myself, I also appreciate the nice, short flaps, the very close contact style, and the seat which is secure enough for cavalletti work, but not TOO deep! A lot of the other dressage saddles I have tried have had very long flaps and very deep seats that make those of us who are on the shorter side feel very trapped and far away from our horses! Appearance-wise, the water buffalo leather on this saddle is soft, smooth, sturdy, and it has a beautifully aged patina in a mixture of deep brown and gold tones. Now I can definitely tell the difference between NICE leather and cheap leather...and this isn't the latter. Unfortunately, having spent the money on the saddle, I then tried to save by picking up some Internet stirrup leathers for $9...and I now I am sorry that I didn't spring for Stubben leathers to match, because the difference in quality is so obvious! Although this saddle is likely over 10 years old, due to the superb workmanship, the condition remains excellent. Now I know why Stubben has such a great reputation! I can't say enough good things about this saddle, and I am grateful I got such a good deal on it, considering that it sells new for about $2000!
Seat Size: 
Dark brown
Duration Used: 
In use 3 mos.
Dressage flatwork, over cavalletti/low jumps, while lunging
Frequency Used: 
Every day, 1.5 hours/day
Place Purchased: 
Stagecoach West on consignment
Tree Size: 
31.5 cm
Price Paid: