Classic Bohn (aka Rembrandt)

  • Posted on: Thu, 10/10/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
An ADJUSTABLE tree and it really works! Classic is the new name for Rembrandt saddles: technically an American made saddle, but designed in Holland & built in England. The AVB tree mechanism is fabulous and you can precisely, custom-fit any horse. I also forked out extra for the special leather (memal or NuBuck). It's tacky, but not so sticky that you can't move. Super comfortable and sits like a dream. I had doubts about the large knee rolls, but my leg fits exactly where it should with no restriction and you still have a great feel for the horse.~nl~The only reason I'm not rating it a 10 is because it has one quirky thing - the billets are put on backwards, with the rough side of the leather out. I was told this was the European way so the leather doesn't crack as easy and that makes sense. But it's funny looking and gives the appearance that you've got your billet straps twisted the wrong way. Other than that, this saddle is fantastic and I'm SO glad I spent the extra money for it. I'm expecting this to be the last saddle I'll ever have to buy and wish I'd gotten one years ago. Could'a saved myself lots of trial & error with saddles that didn't fit and lots of wear on the derriere!
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Classic Saddlery
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$1 500.00