Wintec Pro Classic

  • Posted on: Sun, 09/29/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
This saddle was designed by and ~nl~endorsed by Monica Theodorescu. ~nl~Although I haven't seen it advertised ~nl~in the US recently it is still sold in ~nl~Australia and Europe.~nl~ This saddle has been great to me. I ~nl~have ridden off and on (more off than ~nl~on) in it for 8 years and it still looks ~nl~new. I love that it requires no ~nl~maintenance aside from an ~nl~occasional sponging off here and ~nl~there and the equisuede really gives ~nl~you a secure seat. ~nl~Although it is a medium tree it fits a ~nl~really wide range of horses ~nl~resonably well. Also, wintec told me ~nl~that the tree size can be changed by ~nl~a saddler if ever it needs to be. The ~nl~Y-girthing system is also adjustable ~nl~which helps somewhat in the fitting ~nl~process.~nl~The seat is not super deep and there ~nl~is not alot of knee roll but the ~nl~'stickiness' of the suede makes up ~nl~for any feelings of insecurity. The ~nl~knee block position can also be ~nl~changed or even replaced if desired.~nl~The only thing I don't like about this ~nl~saddle is that the panels are narrow ~nl~which makes me a little nervious ~nl~about weight distribution. However, ~nl~none of the horses I have ridden in ~nl~this saddle have complained; ~nl~everyone seems to go fine under it.~nl~Overall, this is a great saddle and I ~nl~would definitely buy another one ~nl~when (and if) this saddle dies.
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Duration Used: 
8 yrs.
Lessons & pleasure
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1x per wk
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