Stubben Heritage Gaited Show Saddle

  • Posted on: Sun, 04/21/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
Stubben is a premier name in English saddle making. Unfortunately, not many people know that they make a saddleseat saddle. Stubben saddles are well known for lasting a lifetime and feel as good at 40 years old as they did at the time of manufacture. The one I have is approximately 15-20 years old and I have not sat in a more comfortable flat seat saddle. It is extremely well balanced so adjustable stirrup bars in my opinion are unneccesary so it doesn't have them. It has the narrower flaps so it can be used on smaller horses without looking overwhelming. I used it on a petite arabian and it looked fantastic on her. There is really nothing bad I can say about these saddles. I am a Stubben user for life now. New they run for 1500+ and used a Stubben can still run in the high price range as they hold up and look like new for years and years.
Seat Size: 
Duration Used: 
owned for 13-15 yrs.
showing and training
Frequency Used: 
not often
Place Purchased: 
consignment shop/used
Tree Size: 
Twist Size: 
Price Paid: