Whitman #1103 Adjustabar Cutback Saddle

  • Posted on: Wed, 04/10/2002 - 17:00
  • By: anon
Flat seat grained leather model. A very solidly constructed saddle. Extra padding in seat. Flat ridgeless seat. Seat size is as stated (not larger like Barnsby). Adjustable stirrup bars. Soft panels absorb shock. Grained leather offers great grip and is much more resistant to scratching than is the smooth. So buy the grained. You won't regret it. It will stay new looking longer and you won't slide off :-D Seat is long and flat and you can sit back. In the pic above, flaps were still curled under from shipping, but they are about 1 1/4" shorter than on most new cutbacks. Available in black and brown. Buy online from Hartmeyer's, National Bridle Shop, Show Stopper Tack, Show Horse Tack, Miller Harness, or see your Miller's dealer. Wide and Superwide trees available, but the Whitman/Campbell regular tree seems to be slightly wider than Barnsby/Shiveley. Whitman saddles may be imported from England or elsewhere in the future, instead of made in USA. Used Whitman adjustabar saddles go for about $800 on Ebay. Price on this saddle new will range from $1180 (yes, that low for the adjustabar model) to $1600 or $1795, depending on how badly the tack shop wants to sell it. Typical price as of 4/11/02 is $1395. Miller's only sells for full list price of $1795.
Seat Size: 
Duration Used: 
1 month
Morgans & Saddlebreds
Frequency Used: 
Place Purchased: 
local store
Tree Size: 
Twist Size: 
med to wide
Price Paid: 
$1 320.00