HDR Show jumping Saddle

  • Posted on: Sat, 03/02/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
This saddle is by Henri De Rivel. I have mixed feelings about it. One, it is the best fitting saddle I have ever seen! Very wide panels, great gullet, etc. Has fit EVERY horse I have put in on!! I can ride wide fat arabs in it w/ no problems! Its like the tree streaches and the panels spead! My horse is medium narrow and its okay for him too! Never any pressure points, nothing! My saddle fitter loved it! The billets are done great and make a straight line to the horses girth line. Never rocking or anything. Never any saddle/back problems. Broke in very quick, like a week. Sooo secure to jump in. Very pretty also and I have done many 5hr trail rides, and never a sore bumm! Now, bad things, it really throws you out! Its crazy!! Makes a smooth horse bouncy! Doesn't help you ride, makes you work to stay in your position. Stirrup bar is forward, good for jumping, makes your leg want to go forward in flatwork though. In crosby's and nice saddles I just flow, with this I am behind the motion and just not flowing well. Have to JAM my heels down to keep a small post. It throws me so far up, I can't stay with the beat. Its horrible really, but then you work with it and get used to it. It definitly makes you a better rider. Also, every big jump, I get jumped out of my tack. Its a hard saddle to stay into. Canter is easy though, but my heels always stay jammed down. It also scratches up soo easily. I have a big seat saver on mine. You can scrape chunks out at a time on the seat! Uhh! So, I rated this an 8, because although its not a pleasure to ride in, every horse loves it and its not very common to find a saddle that fits like this one. If you have several horses at your barn, training or whatever, this is a good saddle. I got it for 450 at an auction, retails for around 1,000. Mine isn't wool flocked but has memory foam. I like that its not wool flocked though cause I ride so many horses and don't want any molding going on. Just molds while you ride. Its a weird saddle. Before buying, see if you can ride in a Test-ride saddle to see if you can deal with its "weird-ness"!
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