Thorowgood Griffin

  • Posted on: Sat, 02/23/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
I've been using this 17", medium tree Griffin dressage saddle for more than three years, on a number of different horses. It fit my 15 hand Arab. It fits my 14h3" quarter horse. It fits my 15 hand Appaloosa and now it also fits my new horse, a 16 hand American Warmblood. It's an especially good fit for my 15h2" appendix mare, who has withers like a tidal wave rising out of her neck! I've never known so many different shapes of horses to be so comfortable in a single saddle. I credit the flexible points, high pommel and good-sized panels for this scope.~nl~~nl~And I love riding in it, so much that I seldom change saddles for other disciplines. I jump in it, up to about 3'6"; I go cross-country in it, and of course I school and show dressage with it.~nl~~nl~The gel seat is so comfortable that even after hours of cross-country riding I am not seriously saddle sore. There was virtually no break-in period.~nl~~nl~The saddle came with removable blocks to help position the rider's leg; I just took them off and threw them into a trunk, because I already found the leg positions excellent. In fact, when my students begin to search for their optimal leg positions, I put them~nl~in this saddle to let them feel what it should be.~nl~~nl~I chose this saddle for three reasons: its light weight, its affordable price, and its synthetic materials. As a vegan, I have a hard time choosing leather tack, although I have inherited a number of old pieces which I care for as assiduously as if they were still alive. And that's another aspect I like about the Thorowgood -- very easy care!~nl~~nl~With the saddle I use Wintec Webbers stirrup "leathers" and flex stirrups, which allow the ankle to relax more readily and the heel to drop.~nl~I find I am a good deal less tired after a long ride if I have used these stirrups, though beware, those who rely on their stirrups for balance more than occasionally: ~nl~these flex stirrups won't give you much support!~nl~~nl~I also use a Wintec girth, which has a pocket into which to tuck the billet straps so the whole look is tidy and neat.~nl~~nl~After three years of use, five days a week, at least 1 and more often 3 hours per day, the Thorowgood shows no sign of structural wear at all.~nl~The synthetic covering is a little shiny in spots, and could probably do with a good scrubbing to bring it back to a newer look, but I kind of like it~nl~looking used! Everything that contacts the horse, however, is in virtually as-new condition.~nl~~nl~This saddle is hard to find at all but the largest tack shops, which tend to prefer to carry more expensive saddles. The saddle is readily available, however~nl~from most on-line tack suppliers and most catalogs. The price seems to have stayed pretty steadily under $300 for the last couple of years.~nl~~nl~When and if I wear this saddle out, I would like to try the Wintec Pro dressage saddle. But if I can't afford it, I will happily buy another Thorowgood Griffin.
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