Abetta Endurance (not a Softee)

  • Posted on: Sat, 02/23/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
I own and ride Arabians in endurance and like the cordura endurance saddle by Abetta. I used to ride a dressage saddle and was unhappy with the poor fit and leather rubs on my thighs, even with hose under riding tights. I spend many hours on horseback and the Abetta is the only saddle I've put on my Arabs that really fits well and is comfortable for me, plus is in an excellent price range. I am five feet tall and weigh 115 lbs. I can see that this saddle wouldn't be suitable for a large person on a larger horse because it is a close-fitting saddle and the materials may not be as durable as leather. I am a seamstress and able to make repairs easily, which I appreciate in a cordura. I also like that the cordura isn't slippery like so many leathers, and is comfortable enough so merina saddle covers aren't necessary, though I might consider adding a fleece material to the stirrup skirts if I ever decide to wear shorts for longer rides or ride and tie. I also switched the plastic stirrups that are standard on the saddle for Easy Ride stirrups. Much more comfortable and easy to keep the feet in place.~nl~The only complaint I have about the Abetta saddles is that they don't allow enough adjustment in stirrup length. At the shortest, the stirrups are still way too long for me. The heavier material where the holes are punched doesn't come up high enough on the straps to simply punch more holes. More holes either have to be added right in the nylon or the nylon just has to be cut and sewn shorter for shorter riders. I wish the manufacturer holes in the stirrups would go way up the straps so even young riders and those of us adults with short legs could use the saddle without adding our own altering. I also wish the stirrups straps and skirt ("leathers") attached to the saddle with bars like English saddles so they could be taken off easily if they have to be replaced.
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