Bates Caprilli

  • Posted on: Sat, 02/23/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
Nice saddle to ride in, double grain leather weres very quickly though.~nl~because it is more of a show saddle, it doesn't alow the rider to sit with his/her legs far enough back to be inline with the elbows and sholders.~nl~Good Y-girth system, and moveable knee rolls.~nl~nice looking saddle, although it does tend to were in places.~nl~changable gullet makes it good for people riding different horses, although i have ridden ponies to 16.2hh horses thoroughbreds and arabs and anglos and never had to change the gullet.~nl~i bought the saddle after it had been ridden in 4 times, and there was no break in period - comfort from the start!~nl~tree got cracked, but there is a lifetime warentee on bates trees, so a trip to horseland cured that!~nl~sits nicely on horses back, and on horses who have had back problems, it has been fine on.~nl~i've had it for a year and it looks near new, a bit of were, but show condition.~nl~saddle best used for hacking, but suits dressage fine enough, i use mine for everyday riding too.~nl~bates are helpful people who r only too happy to lend a hand, and horseland have a saddle fitting service (which comes to you!)~nl~many saddlers sell them, second hand is a good buy! ~nl~Horseland sell them for $1600 aus.
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