Sommer Egon von Neindorff model

  • Posted on: Thu, 01/03/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
Designed by Herr Egon von Neindorff, this is my favorite saddle. I use several different saddles which I also like (Passiers and Stubbens) but the Sommer, Egon von Neindorff saddle wins my vote, hands down. It promotes a VERY classically-correct seat, including the correct stretch of the legs.~nl~~nl~If you like huge thigh blocks and want the saddle to do your work for you, this saddle is not for you. This saddle has a single flap system, which provides a MUCH closer feel for you and your horse. It initially feels very different, but this is not a bad thing. ~nl~~nl~Almost every person that rides in my saddle initially says, "it's weird," but several days later cannot wait to ride in it again. It is a funny thing. ~nl~~nl~I use the same saddle on almost every horse I ride, from Warmbloods to Andalusians/Lusitanos, to Thoroughbreds, to Morgans, to Lipizzans. Whereas most tree saddles do not easily fit this wide range of horses, I find this saddle tends to fit most of these breeds. There is the occasional horse that has exceptionally high withers, and requires a special saddle, but overall I find this saddle incredibly flexible. I suspect the ability to use the saddle on many different builds of horses has to do with this saddle's unique tree-shape. It is much smaller than a conventional tree, and I suspect that it provides more flexibility than an ordinary saddle. ~nl~~nl~I didn't find any difficulty with breaking the saddle in. I ride 2-8 horses a day, 5 days a week. I have owned the saddle for a year and a half, and it is holding up beautifully. No discoloration of the dye, the leather looks gorgeous. ~nl~~nl~I believe Dressage Extensions carries this saddle. It is very economical, and they occasionally have great specials on it.
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