Wintec 500 saddles

  • Posted on: Thu, 01/03/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
Seat Size: Kiersten Barnes sizes~nl~Tree Size: Multiple tree sizes~nl~Description:~nl~~nl~I own a riding academy and had a budget to stick to when purchasing tack. I knew that I had to buy decent saddles so my students could achieve a proper seat and feel on the horse while not harming my horses backs.~nl~~nl~I could buy used, but had to search high and low for the types and sizes of saddles I needed, so I gave the Wintec 500 series a try.~nl~~nl~I loved the dressage saddle so much I got rid of my Crosby dressage and ride in the wintec every day.~nl~~nl~I also got rid of an old Stubben and replaced it with smaller Wintec 500 all purpose saddles.~nl~~nl~My students can find their balance and position easily, and as far as care, I do not have to spend time cleaning and conditioning saddles!!! They are wonderful! And the 500 series gives the leather look, with a price range under $325.00.~nl~~nl~~nl~I own a wintec 500 dressage in a 17" wide, a wintec 500 all purpose in a 15.5" wide, a winted 4Kids which I believe is a 13" which is treeless, a wintec sport 17.5" and a wintec 250 which is the new combo leather and synthetic in a 18" wide.~nl~Kiersten Barnes~nl~Barnes Paddock Equestrian Center~nl~
Seat Size: 
Not Specified
Tree Size: 
Multiple tree sizes
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