Winner's Circle Economy Cut Back Show Saddle

  • Posted on: Thu, 01/03/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
This is an excellent choice for the young (soon to outgrow), new showman or economy-minded rider. I have several good, expensive name-Brand saddle seat saddles, but I show with one of these! Mine fits me perfectly and looks the best of all of them in the showring, in my opinion.Of course, you won't get that super-supple, super-comfy seat or adjustable bars or any bells/whistles, but if you always wondered what these economy saddles are like - I give them a good thumbs up! The cost savings is tremendous, but the difference in showring presence is minimal. I don't recommend these for much everyday use - they don't hold up to it as well without requiring lots of touch-up, re-stitching, etc. Plus - and you can't forget this - they do not offer your horse the same comfort as a better quality saddle and herein is the reason,in my opinion, for the cost difference. Break-in period is about 10 good rides with minimal change in the saddle. These saddles fit walking horses, saddlebreds, morgans quite well. Buy them from Winner's Circle Tack Shop (they are online).
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