Schneider's Barnsby "Battaglia" Lane Fox

  • Posted on: Thu, 01/03/2002 - 16:00
  • By: anon
The heaviest Lane Fox that I've ever owned. An extremely solid and well constructed saddle that you'll NEVER wear out. The textured leather tends to be a little "boardy" until broken in, but offers good grip. Color is more burgandy than brown. Has 8 billets and adjustable stirrup bars. Fit all horses I tried it on. Runs almost a full inch larger than stated size, so in effect, the smallest size you can get is essentially a 21" saddle. The twist (the part between upper thighs)is wider than say, a Blue Ribbon or a Stalker Nafey. Due to the wider twist and the tendency for Barnsbys to run big, I'd have to say this is not the ideal equitation saddle for a petite person 5' or under. Has a slight tendency to encourage chair seat even with the stirrups set back, IMO. Shorter length of flap is flattering to Morgans & Arabians. Sold and leased by Schneider's Saddlery, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. They have a web page you can find with search engines, but no online catalog.
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