Cowling, custom made, South Australia

  • Posted on: Sat, 12/29/2001 - 16:00
  • By: anon
Bought the saddle second hand from a barrel racer, so it was already broken in. Quite a heavy saddle, the leather is beautiful & fits every horse we have tried it on (horses with slightly narrower backs than your average QH. We don't know how old it is but we now use it to show in - it is great for trail & horsemanship as the seat is deeper than the average show saddle - because it had plain skirts we could put on the silver we wanted. It is possible to get these saddles made to your custom needs & I think this would have to be the best I've ridden in, the equivalent of a Keiffer for Hacks or a Stubben for dressage! I am small (size three) and my sister larger (round the size 14 - 16) and we both enjoy riding in the saddle. Would be good for anyone who appreciates a good ride, wants something that's going to fit his or her horse but may not want absolute to of the range (or can't afford it). I am told that prices range from 1800-3000 dollars (Aus, but you'd have to ask around to get a contact for the manufacturer.
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trail and horsemanship
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