Devon Aire urethan field boot

  • Posted on: Wed, 09/20/2000 - 17:00
  • By: anon
I ordered these boots on a budget, they were something like $65.00 in stateline tack. I didn't expect much from them, but I have got to say, I loved them! ~nl~~nl~They were comfortable, and light weight. I wore mine 5 days a week, rode 3 horses per day and cleaned stalls in them and walked around in them giving 3-4 lessons per day. I never took them off once I got to the barn. ~nl~~nl~They held up for a little over a year with out one ounce of care on my part. Just think how long they'd hold up if you cared for them and took them off after riding. (I scuffed the toes pretty badly and wore the soles out completely!)~nl~~nl~They broke in nicely, never gave me blisters or sore spots and fit great. They have choices of calf size per foot size and mine fit wonderful. I loved them and intend to order another pair. I have had paddock shoes wear out in a year and for the price for tall boots, I loved them!~nl~~nl~Kiersten Barnes~nl~Barnes Paddock Equestrian Center~nl~
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