Ariat Devon Pro (zip jodhpurs)

  • Posted on: Sun, 06/11/2000 - 17:00
  • By: anon
I would most definitely not buy these boots again. I bought mine at a "last-year's model sale", so thankfully did not pay the full price. They are not even worth what I paid for them. The leather is very nice, but the fit is awful. I buy and wear all my shoes off the rack with no fit problems, but these boots are too tight around the lower calf, and they rub on the heels. They fit fine in the store, no rubbing, but after I wore them a couple of times they started to chafe. The foot support is not any better than the boots you can buy for $30 at a shoe store. Only diference is, with the Ariats there is not room to add an insole so you are stuck with the hard soles. I use mine only for shows, and I put them on 5 minutes before my class and take them off immmediately after, because they are not comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Pretty sad for the price if you ask me. I noticed the disclaimers about Ariats that the bitsandbridles staff put up - these are definitely riding boots and not lifestyle boots, and I think that is pretty awful that you are hosting a review board and then putting up disclaimers about how the reviews posted are wrong in your opinion.
Frequency Used: 
2x a week
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