Ariat Champion

  • Posted on: Fri, 10/12/2001 - 17:00
  • By: anon
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I paid $439 for these once-gorgeous boots, which now look like crap after less than two years of very light riding. I took excellent care of them, cleaned and stored them properly, and only used them for shows, but they broke down WAY too much....the whole shaft was as wrinkly as an elephant....sank much more than 1". Some bubbling occurred on the leather in the ankle the leather was seperating. Break-in was horrible...they hurt for a long time. Like I said, just don't waste your money. I got rid of mine and bought a good pair of Devon-Aires (just like the ones I rode on for 13 years)...they cost half as much, and are holding up 100 times better!
Duration Used: 
less than two years
Frequency Used: 
light riding
Price Paid: