ROPER Horseshoe Kiltie

  • Posted on: Tue, 07/11/2000 - 17:00
  • By: anon
Great leather, fast break-in, easy to walk in AND ride in ... your feet stay warm and dry! I have waded rivers in mine in November (in Montana!) and my feet still stayed warm! Very comfortable ... these are my favorites for endurance riding! I have got two pair that I have had for five years ... they have broken out at the little toe (both on the right boot), but they are still useable. I finally bought another pair a couple months ago, and have THREE non-riding friends who now buy them as their primary walking shoes (one gets chilly feet, one has orthopedic problems, and the their walks approximately 8-10 miles per day ... all of them LOVE these boots!) Biggest drawback is that the spur rests tend to break off! One of the above people had the leather come apart from the sole after wearing a pair for about two years...sent them back to Roper and they not only returned the old boots, they gave him a NEW pair! A great all-around boot, especially for those of us who ride in rough terrain! I buy all of mine at Corral West stores, as they often have closeout models for about half the price of the latest models ... several of the vet supply catalogs carry them too. Regular price on them runs about $59-$79 depending on the leather, etc.; I have gotten them for as little as $29 on sale.
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