Ariat Polo

  • Posted on: Thu, 06/15/2000 - 17:00
  • By: anon
For the person who was disappointed in the durability of the Ariat Polo boot, I can understand how you would feel if you thought you were getting an Equestrian Sport Boot when you bought your boots on e-Bay. Most Ariat dealers would have told you that Ariat makes boots for riding and also makes "lifestyle" shoes and boots. The latter are not intended to hold up to the rigors of equestrian sports, they are street shoes and boots. The Polo Boot by Ariat is one of the "lifestyle" boots. I am sorry the eBay seller did not make you fully aware of that fact... Also $100 is pretty inexpensive for any Ariat Equestrian boot, let alone a tall boot. I am not a boot dealer or anything of that nature, just LOVE Ariat products and have been educated by our local Ariat dealer about the different levels of quality between the "lifestyle" shoes and boots and the riding boots by Ariat. Unfortunately the "aftermarket" sellers do a disservice to manufacturers by failing to educate consumers or be forthcoming with pertinent information on the products. :-(
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English Tall Boots
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