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  • Posted on: Fri, 03/03/2000 - 16:00
  • By: anon
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A note regarding Ariats from have noticed and have heard a few stories about Ariat purchases that are too good to be true. Remember when you are buying a pretty Ariat and well-priced one that it might really be a fashion boot/shoe rather than an outdoor riding shoe. If the seller claims these are the $200 tall riding boots that they are not offering at a low price, they are probably not the terrific $400 boots. The $200 price range tells they are not. Make sure to see a picture of the Ariats before you buy them for this reason. Then match that picture with the boot on the Ariat website. On the Ariat website the shoe/boot will either be under Lifestyle or Equestrian Use. So from here you can judge if the boot will hold up to what you are hoping it will. We at love Ariats and wear them all the time for work and play. We just hear a few stories about mix up's on the internet and people on eBay taking advantage of this Ariat fuzzy area. Remember lots of the riding catalogs sell these boots on sale at really good deal when out of season. So if you buy winter boots and the spring or summer you can save up to 50%. The same is true if you buy the lighter weight boots in the winter. Dover and Dressage Extensions always seem to be running big sale on one style or another.
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