Ariat Polo boot-zip style

  • Posted on: Sun, 02/27/2000 - 16:00
  • By: anon
I purchased these beautiful Ariat boots off eBay for $100.00 and thought they were the greatest boots to ever stride through a barn! However although they are probably the most comfortable full boots I have ever worn, they are not durable at all. The leather is already beginning to rot after only 8 months of wear. Pretty sad for $100 investment! I have cleaned them nearly every time they have been ridden in; which is nearly every day. Considering the outrageous price of Ariats the consumer should be provided with a much more durable boot. I mean our sport is tough; so the boots have to be tougher! I was rather disappointed in these Ariats. I have been an avid Ariat fan for years and have discovered that many of their boots are not as sturdy as riders demand. The comfort factor, break-in time (which is like immediately) and style are bar none--but the leather is not up to par.
every day
Duration Used: 
8 months
Size of Item: 
Polo tall boot
Place Purchased: 
local tack shop
Price Paid: