Several Breeches Brands Comparision

  • Posted on: Thu, 03/08/2001 - 16:00
  • By: anon
Comparision Of Several Breeches Brands:~nl~Euro-Stars are the best breeches. I have had them all and these hold up the best, are most comfortable, and look fantastic! Boink also very good. Soo comfortable and great to school in, but rip VERY easy on trails!! I have ruined 2 pairs!! Devon-Aire, not many people like them but I thought they were pretty good. Trail wise they hold up great and wash pretty well, but not long lasting. Pikeurs are okay, don't really like the fit. Schumakers aren't worth the money. For a top-notch breech get Euro-Stars. The On-Course ribbed breeches are very comphy but heavy so better for fall and spring. Other On-Course brands are okay but I must say, Euro-Stars are the only way to go!
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