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Just wanted to let you know that you can call UPS and give them the dimensions and weight on your package and tell them where it is going. They will tell you how much the charges will be AND they will pick it up at your house. I’ve sent a couple of items this way, and it’s a lot cheaper than taking it someplace other than UPS and having it picked up there. You can figure the charges yourself when you know where it’s going by checking their web site at

I would really like to make the horse owners aware of a problem we have had with Federal Express and shipping semen. Our equitainer was tampered with and the inside totally removed by a Fed Ex employee. When it was delivered from Michigan to Georgia, the folks opened it up, (The driver was right there,) and it was empty. there had been no declared value on it, so all they did was refund $100.00. If anyone ships semen with them I strongly recommend you put a very high price on the value, and even put the container in a box so they don’t know what it is. Other folks we know have had their containers tampered with also. A lot of money had been lost trying to get this mare bred, and it was late in the season also. I would not trust Fed Ex again. One lady I talked to when I reported it, just laughed & laughed thought it was so funny anyone would do that. Breeders beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have found that UPS is the best. Example: I sent a 17″ saddle seat saddle, with
leathers, stirrups and pads plus a 1″ saddle seat felt pad (none of this stuff is
light) and the cost was under $10.00. the items were insured for $100.00 (included with
initial ship charge) all I paid was an additional .30 for ea. additional $100.00 I wanted
insured. Plus they wrap it! This is the only way I go. In addition, I find that if I let
people know up front that I expect them to remit for the item and ship…..things go smooth
from the start. -Cheryl

I recently purchased a Wintec saddle from an online classified ad. The seller paid the
shipping, and sent the saddle to me UPS COD. She e-mailed me with the UPS tracking number,
and I was able to follow the package. The COD seemed to work pretty well, because both of
us were sure to get our merchandise/money without a hitch. All I had to do was provide the
seller with the address I wanted her to ship to, and have my check there waiting for the
UPS driver. In my case, the seller allowed me to pay with a personal check. But a postal
money order would work too, if the seller were concerned about accepting a personal check.

Ann Pepon

I ship via UPS or FEDEX – 3 day ground to save money. I ship in boxes to fit. The
saddles are wrapped in plastic bubbles in the box.

Donna Scott

When I purchased a new saddle from a tack shop they sent it via UPS from the East coast
to the West coast in a big box filled with “popcorn”. I was charged $25.00 for
the shipping.

When you pick a box, fill a garbage bag with newspaper, and tie it up. Put that bag in
the bottom of the box to create a “pillow” for the saddle. Then, put your saddle
in another garbage bag and seal it so that no dirt, moisture, etc. can get into the bag
and ruin the saddle. Put the saddle on top of the “pillow.” Pack the rest of the
box with bags filled with newspaper to create more padding for the saddle. If you pack it
this way, the saddle stays clean and dry and is cushioned for its long ride to wherever
it’s going!

Money saving tips for shipping include the following: Always ship in your own box–
having a saddle packaged at a store is an unnecessary expense. Shipping UPS is always
cheaper when you ship from a hardware store or other similar retailer, instead of shipping
from a chain like Mail Boxes, Etc. I called a local Mail Boxes, Etc. and they wanted $39
to ship a saddle, whereas my local hardware store only charged me $22. Insurance is cheap,
so take advantage of it– about 50-70 cents per hundred dollars.

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