Thank you visiting our GRAPHICS section.  By
accompanying photos with your ads you will astronomically increase the appeal of your item
and ability to sell your item.

Please email suggestions, links, and information to make this topic more helpful!   Please email:

  • Create pictures between 250-400 pixels in height and width
  • All pictures must be 72 pixels/inch resolution or less.  A higher resolution is a waste of bandwidth because it does not show up in the screen display.
  • Take pictures of everything.  You may not post them with the ad, but interested buyers should see these photos!
  • After you create the ad, you can preview it, and another screen comes up where you can upload photos from your hard drive.  You can upload up to three photos per

How to putting photos with your ads

Here are the steps to adding a photo to an ad on (we often call photos, “Multimedia
files”). Please make sure your photo is below 750K in size is no wider or taller than 600 pixels:

1. Click this link:

2. Click “Edit Ads” which will be in the middle the page inside bar that contains other headings such as
“Search Ads” and “Place Ads.”

3. Logon (this screen may not pop up if you have already logged and placed an ad or something)..

4. Click the one of the four section that your ad is in. The four sections are “Edit Horse Equipment & Rider Equipment,” “Edit Saddles For Sale Ad,” and “Edit Wanted Ad.”

5. Click the button reading “Add/Edit Multimedia Files.”

6. Click the button reading “Add Multimedia File.”

7. Next type in your ad’s number. The next screen you upload your file.

The above method is intended for you to upload photos from your personal computer (not another internet site). If you rather use photos already on the internet, then please post links in the description of the ad to these photos. Please email us any additional questions (

Taking photos that sell!

  • Make sure that it is clean!
  • Decided if your tack looks better modeled on a horse or on a stand.  The same goes with horses.  Does the horse look better with or without take.  With saddle do not lay them on the floor and take pictures.  They distorted then.  Zoom in your tack or horses!  Make it fill the picture and have a coherent angle.  Do not take the picture from a strange angle that distorts things.
  • When scanning in can make a far away picture look good if the photo is blown up enough.
    It will turn out blurry if it scanned in at high resolution or low resolution.
    Have the photo blown up made at a local photo shop first, and than scan it in.
  • Use good equipment.  If do have a good camera.  As a friend!
  • Take the picture with lots of light.  Brown indoors (indoor riding rings) blend in
    with items or horses to easily.

Getting photos on a computer:

  • Go to Kinko’s or any local copying shop.  Use their computer services to scan
    images on yourself, or pay someone to.
  • Send your photos to and we will scan them on!

    369-B Third St. PMB #311

    San Rafael, CA. 94901

    Make sure to include your contact information and your ad’s number!

  • Bring your photos to commercial photo processor (like Ritz) to scan your photos on to

    **** Note: that when you have your film developed all the photos can be put on floppy disk
    or CD-ROM

    (Price) Costco, Seattle Film Works, & the
    like, offer these services when developing film.

    Advantec film is engineered for this kind of processing.

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