Tack Tips

When buying a used saddle, make sure you look under it and ensure that the lining is free of holes or if it displays excessive wear. Check the stirrup leathers to see if they are brittle, torn or if the holes are streched. If either the stirrup leathers or the lining need to be replaced it may prove to be costly.

Used saddles often need the latigos, billets and cinches replaced. They can become brittle, cracked or worn which is hazardous to your well being.

If at all possible have an experienced saddle maker check the tree of the used saddle to ensure that it is sound. A saddle with a broken tree is worse than useless, it can injure a horses back.

Worried that your saddle does not fit?  Make sure your horse sweats evenly (or does not sweat at all).  If your horse, then where your horse sweats the saddles does not come into contact with.  The other sweat marks could have to much pressure on them.  Make sure to consult a saddle fitter.

Finally, try the saddle on your horse often.  Your horse and saddle change.  So your saddle might not fit your horse as well as it did the saddle stand where you first looked at it.

It is highly recommended that you check your equipment often. Make sure that the screws on your bridle are tight, your latigos, cinches and off billets are not excessively worn and your saddle blankets are clean and not broken down. Don’t let a wreck make a believer out of you.

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