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Creating Ads that Sell Quickly:

  1. List all the contact information you are comfortable
  2. Accurately and thoroughly describe the condition, color, and age of the tack, riding apparel or saddle your selling
  3. List one item per ad.  In other words do not list “A whole bunch of tack” in one ad.  People will look in specific categories for specific items.  So they will not look in Leg Wraps for girths and cinches nor riding apparel.  Also the search on our website will
  4. List at least 1 photo per classified ad.  Classified ads with photos sell 40% faster and recieve 60% more web traffic.  People do not like to email for directions.  It takes 5 seconds to upload a photo, and we encourage you to do it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating, Modifying, And Deleting Classified Ads:

1. How much to classified ads cost?

Yes, all basic photo ads are free. You can add on extra items such as your ad appearing in bold, which do cost extra.

2. How do I create a classified ad?

  • Please start at this link:
  • At the above link, click the “Place Ads.”
  • Registering: Please click appropriate category which your add will be in  such as “saddle for sale,” “tack,” or “wanted.” It will ask you for your username and password, but instead scroll down the page and click the button title “Register for Account.” (TIP: Passwords and usernames are case-sensitive meaning that “J” and “j” are different.)
  • Please click “Place Ads”
  • Choose the type of ad you want to place.(TIP #1: For people selling saddles, click “Saddles For Sale” do not click “Horse Tack For Sale.”(TIP #2: Are you creating an ad for Horse Trailers, Trucks, or Employment, these categories are under “Horse Tack For Sale.)
  • You will be asked to logon, please do so (our server may or may not remember who you are and so you may not have to log on here).
  • Place your ad.
  • Preview your ad and Click the “place ad” button.
  • You will reach the confirmation screen.  If you have a photo you can upload it now.
  •  You are all done! Repeat from step 4 for more ads.

3. How do I renew/modify an ad?

There are several ways you can renew your ad.

Method I:

  • Find your ad at the classified ads page at:
  • Once at your ad, click “Modify This Ad”
  • Enter Your Logon Information
  • The ad should now appear where you can modify it.  If you want to renew it, please scroll to the bottom of the page to fill click the renewal box

Method II:

  • Start by going to this link:
  • Click “Edit Ads” in the brown bar of ad functions
  • Enter Your Logon Information
  • Please choose the section your ad is in
  • You can now choose to
    • Modify/Renew Ad
    • Delete Ad
    • Add/Edit Multimedia Files
  • Enter ad number.(TIP: You can follow the instructions on this page to update multiple ads at once.)
  • Your ad will appear for you to change, make sure to press the confirmation button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Depending on the function you may have a confirmation screen to view and another confirmation button to press.

Finding Tack On The Classified Ad System:

1. How do I buy something? is not involved with the payment procedure as we are just a listing service. You do not buy the saddle from us. Although we highly recommend using an online payment service with buyer protection like or an escrow service such as When you read an ad, the contact information is listed first.  The sellers name and email are listed, and possibly his/her phone number. This is the person to contact about purchasing the piece of tack or a saddle.  We also have information on this subject under “Internet Fraud Alerts.”

2. Do all ads have photos?

Not all ads have photos. When you are in a category and thereis a list of ads, click “details.”  If there is a photo it will appearalong with all the other important information, under details.

3. How do search by State?

There is way to search by state. When you are within one of the main classified sections such as “Tack for sale,” “saddles for sale,” or “Horses for Sale.”  You can search with the “advanced” and “power” search tools. When you click the “Advanced” or “Power” you will be taken to another screen where on of your options is searching by state.

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