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Walter Farley Titles:

Marguerite Henry’s Horseshoe Library : Sea Star/Stormy, Misty’s Foal/Misty of Chincoteague/Boxed Set

by Marguerite Henry - Get three of Marguerite Henry’s classic tales,
a gift box set of the standard classics.  A great starter set.

Please click for more informationby Marguerite Henry Other Marguerite Henry Titles:

The Saddle Club: (New titles are always coming out: click any link to find new titles)

coverCorey’s Secret Friend (Pony
Tails, No 12)
by Bonnie Bryant

Changing Leads (Pine Hollow, No 4)by Bonnie Bryant

cover Changing Leads (Pine Hollow , No 4)

Conformation Faults (Pine Hollow, No 5)

Autumn Trailby Bonnie Bryantcover

Before They Rode Horses (Saddle Club Super Edition, No 5)by Bonnie BryantcoverDream Horse (Saddle Club Super Edition, No 4)

Christmas Treasure (Saddle Club Super, No 7)



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