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The Complete Book of Foaling : An Illustrated Guide for the Foaling Attendant ~
Karen E. N. Hayes / Hardcover / Published 1993Read more about this title…

Complete Foaling Manual
Theresa JonesRead more about this title…

Mares Foals and Foaling
Amateur’s Guide to Foaling
Walter F. Lorch
Between Mare and Foal : Feeding, Conditioning, Foaling, Genetics, Breeding Problems, Etc.
Sue Coen
Foaling: brood mare and foal management
Ron Males
Foaling: Brood Mare and Foal Management
Ron Males, Val Males
Mares, Foals and Foaling
Friedrich Andrist
Blessed Are the Brood Mares by M. Phyllis Lose

horse foaling bookBlessed Are the Foals by M. Phyllis Lose

Book Description

Beginning with delivery, the book explains how to evaluate the foals health and to know if a veterinarian should be called. Emergencies such as failure to breathe, to rise, and to nurse are dealt with along with such topics as medication, diet, exercise, and the special needs of the premature, orphan, twin, or rejected foal. M. Phyllis Lose, V.M.D. has been practicing veterinary medicine for 40 years. She is the author of Howells Blessed Are the Brood Mares, Second Edition, and lives in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

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