Who Abducted The U. S. marshal's Granddaughter' eBook

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Who Abducted The U. S. Deputy Marshals Granddaughter' ' 2013 by Raymond Cook is a 213 eBook page story about Donald Spencer who was sworn in as a Deputy United States Marshal for the Colorado Territory in 1899. On day Donald and Chris stumble upon a stagecoach robbery. Chris is killed but Donald's able to capture the gang's leader. But the rest of the gang that escaped aren't about to let their boss hang. With the help of a crooked telegraph man, the gang locates Donald's son's ranch. They abduct Donald's three year old granddaughter Katelynne and leave instructions with her mother. The gang threatens to kill the child Donald loves unless he releases their boss. Donald hires a stranger who looks similar to his prisoner and dresses him in the same clothes with the hope that he can catch the gang by surprise during the prisoner exchange to come. The route the two men must take is closely watched from a distance by the gang who has the marshal's granddaughter. Now the stage is set and the fake gang leader and Katelynne begin walking towards each other in a large open valley with a grove of aspen trees as all hell breaks loose. This is my 15th of 17 western frontier eBooks I have written since 2011. Check out my 213 page Western Frontier eBook, Visit: http://www.westernfrontierebooks.com/pro duct/who-abducted-the-u-s-deputy- marshals-granddaughter/ Download Available in (Pdf format) can be viewed on (PC, ePub, iPad, Sony eReader, Nook & Kindle eBook tablets.) Price: $1.99 per download. Instant Digital Delivery.
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