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A Marshal's Destiny! ' 2011 by Raymond Cook is a 263 page eBook story about a Deputy U. S. Marshal by the name of Jason Chaney. Two years later Jason is sent to New Castle to investigate a series of gold shipment robberies from stagecoaches destined for the Denver Mint. By the time Jason reaches New Castle, he tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together to learn who is behind the stagecoach robberies. After a relentless attack at the bank, as the last of the gang are arrested and being transported back to Denver by train for trial, Jason is almost killed during an escape attempt. Once back in Denver, Jason turns in his badge and sets out to be reunited back with Roxanne and her three children. This is my 4th of 17 western frontier eBooks written since 2011. Check out my 263 page Western Frontier eBook, visit: http://www.westernfrontierebooks.com/pro duct/a-marshals-destiny/ Download Available in (Pdf format) which can be viewed on (PC, ePub, iPad, Sony eReader & Kindle eBook formats.) Price: $1.99 per download. Instant Digital Delivery.
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