Please email your experiences about using BitsAndBridles.com to webmaster@bitsandbridles.com

Just want to say what a thoroughly enjoyable experience it was purchasing from BitsandBridles. I was very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommended and an experience I look forward to repeating in the not too distant future.

-Michelle Black

New Zealand

I think your site is very well done with lots of great information.  The free classified ad service is a great help to people like myself.  Thanks kindly.

-Louise Thomson

Thank you for providing such a fine service!  I enjoy the site and plan on adding more horses.  The site is well laid out and organized.  Again Thank You for offering and maintaining this site.


I thought I was stuck having to get rid of my like new saddle. I thought it was hopeless. I never thought of advertising on the internet. Thank you for allowing free advertising. It will help me a lot. I also thought I’d never be able to find a Domnique Barbier saddle because there is only one trainer in IL and only a handfull of followers throughout the nation. I found two through the internet.

Thank you again.


This is a great website and I was able to sell my saddle very quickly.  Be Assured I will use your web site again in the future.

I was so excited to find your web site.  I posted several ads the same night and already had replies the next day. The saddle seat saddle that I wasn’t using anymore and wanted to find a good home for sold within days to a woman in Nebraska that I have since gotten to know better. Some reins and a show brow band went to a gal in Texas the next day, and I’ve had inquiries on almost everything I posted. Not only is your site complete, but easy to navigate and fun to use as well. I’ve told all my horse friends about it and plan to use it again in the future. It’s the best site I’ve found and definitely worth bookmarking!

Thank you,

Brenda- Kirkland, WA

I just wanted to email to say how incredible this website is and how helpful it has
been to me in my search for a saddle!  Though I have not yet found the right one, I am sure if I do, it’ll be as a result of the web page you have so thoughtfully created!  Thank you so much for a pleasant experience!

-Shaye Parrish

This is the greatest resource!  I placed an ad for a saddle wanted and received an e-mail three days later.  It was from a tack shop across the country and they had the exact saddle I wanted, brand new, selling for almost half the retail.  It seems they had no market for it there and were happy to sell it.  What a Win-Win situation.

After my success, I posted another saddle wanted ad for someone else at the barn and received over a dozen replies.  Finally, one was a perfect match, they made arrangements for her to try the saddle and she purchased it.

Great job.
Diane Brody

We are operating our tack shop out of our home in a large spare bedroom (converted to a
tack shop) right now.  We hope to move soon, though, into a store and add feed to our

I do have a couple of tack ads on your site now.  I had noticed a couple of other tack
shops doing that.  Actually, you might be interested to know that Bits and Bridles sort of
helped me start my tack business.  I had tons of tack from years of horses, and when I
changed to the saddle seat discipline, the only tack I didn’t have was for saddle seat
horses!  Your site was the first one, and STILL THE BEST ONE, I’ve come across for buying
and selling used tack.  I began to place “for sale” ads for my tack, and
“wanted” ads for saddle seat items.  I had great response to this and bought and
sold several items.  I also started doing a few things with Ebay, but my best sales still
came from your site.  I visited one of the tack shop ads on your site – Totally Tacked -
and was really impressed. I also thought, “I could do that!” and it seemed a
good way to make money doing something I love, so there it started. First, I gathered up
everything I had left which was still a considerable amount of stuff, then I started
buying tack at local auctions, from individuals, etc.  I bought many things in need of
repair and TLC, too.  I also began working on my site – I just finally fully completed it
last Sunday.  I also put some ads on Bits and Bridles.  I owe your site a BIG THANKS.

This is a great bulletin board. I went to e-bay, but it isn’t well organized and I
didn’t have a very good feeling about using it. The people using Bits and Bridles seem
very nice and it’s a great way to buy and sell horsey stuff, especially to us who don’t
have a local tack store!

Dear [BitsAndBridles.com],

I’m not a used tack store, although I probably have enough stuff to fill one! I stumbled
upon your site while surfing. Two years ago I changed disciplines and ride western now
instead of English. Your site motivated me to clean out my barn, tack trunk and the closet.
Monday I listed my English show clothes and within HOURS had 5 responses! Within 48 hours
the majority were sold, so I thought I’d put my tack and 4 horses on and see if my luck
would run just as hot. Since Monday I’ve recommended your site to 4 people, I’m never
going to shop anywhere else!

Thanks for a great site,

Linda (on Thursday!)

I absolutely love your site! I have been looking everywhere for a used cheaper show
halter, and as kind of a last resort, I placed a wanted ad, and within a week someone
e-mailed me saying that they had a BRAND NEW one for an unbelievable price. Thank you so


I would have to say that your site covers all the bases, it’s thorough and very easy to


Dear Bits and Bridles,

I love your site! I put an ad for my saddle and someone replyed the next day! I can’t
believe how quick it was. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to sell it at all. Several
people have asked for it also. Thank you for your great service.


I will recommend your site to others!

Best horse related classified on the net! … I would be happy to help promote an both
an excellent service to the horse community, and an excellent example of a FUNCTIONAL

Jeanne Rash

Senior Software Engineer

Custom Software Systems, Inc.



I have sold many items through Bits and Bridles. I tell all my friends to search this
web page because it is easy to use and you get great results.

Judy Soffron

Topsfield, MA

Thanks, and BTW, this is a wonderful site for buying and selling used tack. I live in
VA, sold my Close Contact Saddle to a woman in CA. THEN, I found the A/P saddle that I had
been looking for from a woman in Utah! This is a great way to find the specific items.

Julienne Thompson

I LOVE your web page!!! It is really cool! Keep up the good work. I might buy a saddle
threw your site. You are the best on the web! I am going to tell all my horse loving
friends about it!!!  Thanks–Susan

Love your site:

I think your site is great.  I have been searching everywhere for an extra wide tree
endurance saddle to fit my chubby Arab.  I had resigned myself to paying $1600 for a new
one, then I found your site.  The day after I posted my “saddle wanted” ad, I
received an email from someone who had a used x wide tree endurance saddle for sale.  I
saved $1000! Also have managed to sell two old saddles that were just sitting in my barn
collecting dust.  This is great.


I have sold this saddle to a friend.  Could you please mark it as being sold.  I
want to let you know that I received several responses from my posting on your site, I was
really surprised… If I have anything to sell in the future I will post it on your site

Thank you,

Jeanne Boike

I recently posted a nylon 1-eared western headstall for sale on the
site and it has already been sold!  I’m very impressed.  I believe that I listed it under
the bridles for sale section, and it’s a nylon 1-eared for $7 that is multiple colors and
doesn’t have a photo with it. …I just listed it about a week ago, if that.  Thanks a lot!

Kari Newman

Once again, something’s been sold! I listed a pair of lime green SMB II boots on your
page not long ago, and boy, did they go fast! I got 5 replies the day after I listed them
and sold them to the first one on the list. I wanted to make sure that this person wasn’t
going to back out before taking them down, though. Thanks again for your great
service…the people on here have been wonderful so far about being on time with both my
orders and getting their payments to me when they buy from me. Thanks a lot!

Kari Newman

I’ve sold my biothane harness, thank you very much for the listing and I was very
surprised at the number of e-mails I got! your site really does work!  I didn’t think
that I’d be able to sell anything online, but your site has changed my mind, and I’ll
certainly list again. thanks.

Sarah Permoda

I have sold my stubben ziefried saddle  to a lady in
thanks to you thank you very very much.

Dear Webmaster, Writing to let you know the saddle I put on your site is now sold.
Thank you very much, I am bookmarking your site.

Please email your experiences about using BitsAndBridles.com to webmaster@bitsandbridles.com

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