Heartwarming stories and Videos for a very Horsey Holiday Season

Heartwarming stories and Videos for a very Horsey Holiday Season

We thoughts we would share some stories and videos that are heartwarming and giggle inducing this holiday season.  All have to do with riding horses and ponies.

Our Favorite Pony Video where a little girl meets her pony “Peppar Snowflake”:

More Stories

Darling (Mini) Horse Story about a MiniHorse who is helping to ring a bell and collect change from holiday shoppers for charity

The cone arranger: How Merlin the Met Police horse likes to entertain the crowds at Buckingham Palace by neatly moving bollards

US Dressage Rider Courtney King-Dye Recognized with FEI’s “Against All Odds” Awa #dressage

Flip the mini-horse going “Nuts

Wishlist and getting the horse you want.  Below is the preface to the video:

When the company I worked for sent out a casting call for employees’ kids for a video they wanted to make, I (the smark aleck) sent back an email saying “I don’t have kids but I have a horse”. Haha. Well, the marketing department had this wonderful flash and came to me and said “yes, we want to use your horse!”. However, when I heard what they had in mind, I didn’t think my Morgan mare would be bombproof enough for lights, camera, action on the front porch! So, I asked my friend if we could borrow her MSAR-trained, color guard mare, Casey. Casey was a dream — “so you just want me to stand here and eat hay and ignore everything else? No helicopters, no fireworks? Sure, I can do that”. Anyway, I’m sure that all of us can totally identify with the little girl in this video!

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